FleepGrid Maintenance Completed – Now with Groups, Login Screen, and More

September 18, 2011 in Downtime, Website

I spent most of the day working on some updates to FleepGrid that I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time.   A quick summary of today’s updates include:

  • Added a favicon.ico to website directory for all FleepGrid sites
  • Changed region names Fleep1 – Fleep6 to new sim names:  Alexander, Beanflip, Cleopolis, Samorama, and Lucyfur
  • Changed region names for hypergate regions to FleepGrid HGat # (5000 and 13000).
  • Updated website Map page and descriptions
  • Removed HyperGrid Business RSS feed since it appears to be broken
  • Added login and HG info to left widget for new users and travelers
  • Installed parts of the XoopenSim module based on instructions at http://opensim-users.2152040.n2.nabble.com/money-td6066566i20.html#a6203334
  • Modified Login Screen provided by XoopenSim to customize for FleepGrid

Most of it went very well until I got to the XoopenSim module install.  The original pages are in Japanese so all the instructions are translated by Google into English, which I’m sure doesn’t help anything.  Of the functionality provided by the XoopenSim module, I managed to get some things working, but not other things.

FleepGrid now sports a customized login screen with live stats.

LOGIN SCREEN: Login screen works! Yay!  Looks great but of course needs to be customized.  Shows online status, users, regions, and the welcome message designated in the XoopenSim preferences page.

OFFLINE MESSAGES:  Not yet working. Nothing reported on console.  In IM window reads:
[03:01 PM] Fleep Tuque: Testing offline IM….
[03:01 PM] System: User is not logged in. Message not saved

GROUPS:  Partially working. Able to create group, invite user, use group chat, send notice, but notice did not arrive for offline member of group (though it does appear in archive).  Group can be deeded to land, but parcel does not show up in group owned land interface.

PROFILE: Not yet working.
15:54:17 – [PROFILE]: Unable to connect to Profile Server http://fleepgrid.com/grid/modules/xoopensim/helper/profile.php. Method avatar_properties_request, params System.Collections.Hashtable. Exception System.Xml.XmlException: Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.

SEARCH:  Not implemented.

CURRENCY:  Not implemented.

I got quite a bit accomplished and decided to leave things where they stand for now.  The grid is back up and I don’t plan to do any more maintenance today.  For a complete run down of all the changes, steps taken to install XoopenSim and resulting errors, etc. visit the change log.