FleepGrid Gets Voice, Shop Gets 50+ New Educational Items

January 19, 2012 in Freebies, Scripting

FleepGrid has voice!


With many thanks to Vivox for providing such a great service for us little guys, I’m excited to say that FleepGrid now has working voice communication!

I’d been hesitant to try to install other voice modules like Freeswitch or Mumble because it seemed like a very trying process, but the implementation of Vivox’s voice system for Opensim was amazingly simple!  If you’re a grid owner, just send an email to kamal [at] vivox.com and request login credentials for your grid.  It took a day or so to get a response and they provided a set of configuration lines to add to my opensim.ini file, restarted opensim, and voila – voice!  (Well, you also must enable voice on the region, the parcel, and for your avatar, but anyone familiar with how voice works in Second Life should be aware of that process most likely.)

FleepGrid Shop Gets 50+ New Educational Items & Buildings

Educational objects and classroom furniture, as well as the Sunnyside Hall building, are now available in the FleepGrid Shop as well as boxed items in the shops on FleepGrid Plaza.

In addition to getting voice working, I had some time over the weekend to box up some items that had been sitting in inventory for a while and finally got them uploaded to the FleepGrid Shop.  For users without console access, you can pick the freebies up via the HyperGrid or download the iar files from the web shop.

The Taliaferro Memorial Executive Suite is a great conference room in a small package. Created in memory of Taffy Taliaferro (SL), a member of the Chilbo Community who encouraged entrepreneurs in virtual worlds.

Items mostly include educational furniture like chairs, blackboards, lockers, and science lab furniture, and I also boxed up a few buildings that I’ve used in the FleepGrid Plaza area.  Hope you find something useful there.

Freebie Vendor Script for Opensim

Finally, I’ve also put up a script for a Freebie Vendor in the script archive on my wiki.  I’d spent some time a few months back looking for a working freebie vendor that played nicely with Opensim AND with grids that don’t have a money module installed and got pretty frustrated.

Scripts to build your own Freebie Vendor that works even on grids without a money module is available on the script archive wiki.

Fortunately one of the programmers I work with developed a set of scripts that work perfectly and the script is released under a CC license.   See the Freebie Vendor Script page for instructions to build your own, or pick up a copy of the vendor in the Tools & Hardware shop on FleepGrid.  (It’s not yet available on the  FleepGrid Shop on the web yet, coming soon!)