FleepGrid is a small, personal research grid owned and operated by Fleep Tuque.  Visitors are welcome either via the HyperGrid or by creating an account.  Users should be aware that FleepGrid is not a production level environment, and as such any content, builds, accounts, or even the grid itself may disappear at any time.  Though reasonable efforts will be made to communicate major changes to the userbase via this website, the primary purpose of the grid is for research, experimentation, and testing – so don’t be alarmed if the virtual sky occasionally falls in!  ;)

OpenSim Version: OpenSim 0.7.3

HyperGrid Enabled: HG 1.5 (i7) – http://fleepgrid.com:8002 (9013, 9013)

Grid Name: FleepGrid

LoginURI: http://fleepgrid.com:8002

Centered at: 9013,9013

Questions, problems, or concerns?  Email fleepgrid@gmail.com

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    2. Mimetic Core says:

      hi Fleep, it’s core. i finally visited FleepGrid (yes, i’m horribly embarrassed for not doing so sooner, but i REALLY don’t get out much) and i have to say – awesome place :) nice details -i love the whiteboard in the main reception area with the hand-drawn region diagram- and comfortable atmosphere. nice sense of ‘completeness’, too – right down to the self-branding. thanks for creating such a quality location.

      best wishes,

      - core

      • fleep says:

        laugh no worries – I hardly ever get out and about either. Thanks for visiting and a MILLION thanks for your awesome services bundle, it saved me such a headache! :)

        Glad you got a chance to stop by!

    3. FYI, I’ve just added you to my list of “Hypergrid Landmarks.” :)


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