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FleepGrid Griefed! And How to Get HyperGrid User’s UUID from an Object

April 13, 2012 in Downtime, Griefers, Security

Over the past few days, a griefer has stopped by to drop a bunch of colored spheres all over FleepGrid and it’s taken a little time to figure out how to clean everything up since the griefer objects cause the sims to crash after a few minutes.  If you’ve tried to visit and couldn’t HG teleport or log in, that’s probably why.  My first inclination was to NOT post because I know griefers love the attention, but on the off chance he hits some else’s grid, I thought I’d share what happened.

The first attack came from the account “Jack Marioline”, which was created locally on FleepGrid.  With many thanks to Gudule Lapointe from Speculoos grid for alerting me to the issue, cleaning up that mess was relatively easy.  I use phpMyAdmin to poke around in the Opensim database, so it was easy to go to the “useraccounts” table and look up the UUID for that user and then delete the items from the prims table.

SELECT * FROM `useraccounts` WHERE `LastName` LIKE 'marioline'

This returns a row that shows the user’s “PrincipalID” or UUID that you can then use to search the prims table for items created by that user.

SELECT * FROM `prims` WHERE `CreatorID` LIKE '120aa461-0bd1-4c3a-a759-31fe9d73a328'

Checking to see that the results seemed about right (897 rows), then just delete those prims created by that user. Easy peasy and only took a few minutes. After that, I changed the password on that account so the griefer couldn’t log in and figured it was done.

However, a couple days later, shortly after the HyperGrid Adventurers Club stopped by on their way to the final destination of Devokan Tao (an awesome Myst themed area on OSGrid), I flipped back over to the FleepGrid window to see that Jack had struck again – this time from a HyperGrid account “Jack.Marioline″.

I was momentarily confused about how to proceed, since hypergrid users don’t show up in the database “useraccounts” table, so I couldn’t just look the user up to get the UUID to search by in the prims table. But then I remembered that Imprudence allows you to copy a user’s UUID from their profile, so I took one of the griefer objects and profiled the creator and voila, I had a UUID to search for.

Now strangely, when I searched the prims table by CreatorID for that UUID, I got no results, but I might have done something dumb and just didn’t realize it, since my second try, searching by OwnerID did work and I deleted the prims. But either way, getting the Hypergrid user account’s UUID was the trickiest part and the “Copy Key” button on the user’s profile in Imprudence was the solution.

Hope that helps someone else!

“FleepGrid Portal” Region Added to OSGrid, Some Backend Updates to FleepGrid’s Architecture

March 10, 2012 in General News, Hypergrid

I’ve been meaning to hook up a sim to OSGrid to put out some freebies and provide some link love and support for the work they do there, and I’ve been getting lots more visitors from OSGrid lately too, so it seemed like a good time to try out Pathfinder’s “blamgate” hypergrid teleport portal script.

I ran into a little trouble at first, I didn’t realize you had to explicitly add a line in your opensim.ini file to Allow_osTeleportAgent = true, but thankfully I found another great tutorial from WhiteStar Magic with more info about hypergrid teleport objects, and that fixed me right up.

So now I can put up some freebies directly on OSGrid, and provide a simple portal for anyone who wants to come visit FleepGrid directly.  Just walk through the portal and BAM, welcome to FleepGrid!  For reference, the region name on OSGrid is “FleepGrid Portal” and feel free to give it a try.  :)

Some Backend Updates to FleepGrid’s Architecture

End users on FleepGrid shouldn’t notice any differences, but for anyone who’s interested in running their own grid, I try to share things I try out in the administration of FleepGrid and since my last post I’ve made quite a few changes to the system architecture of the grid.

First, I broke the regions into groups and now run them on multiple instances of Opensim.  This makes it easy to shut down just some sims without disturbing others, and hopefully takes better advantage of memory resources by running multiple processes instead of all the sims on a single process.  If you’re interested in how this came about, see the email thread on the opensim-users listserv where we talked about it.

Second, I really wanted to figure out how to rotate log files in a sane way and schedule automatic backups instead of doing it manually as I’ve been doing, and thankfully WhiteStar Magic comes to the rescue again with great explanation and simple batch file scripts to do exactly that.  See this post for “smart starting” opensim, and this page for backing up on a windows system for step-by-step instructions.

And as always, details about my own trials and travails figuring this stuff out is on the FleepGrid Change Log.  (Ignore the aborted upgrade to Opensim 0.7.3, I had some issues and decided to give it a few weeks before I try again!)  ;)